Darcy Tuppen

Darcy Tuppen

Justin Lehmann Studio
is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Justin specialises in teaching Sanford Meisner's Repetition exercise inspired by the teachings of master teacher William Esper, coupled with his trademark 'instrument expansion' work known as Actor's Core.



"Find what you love and let it kill you."—Bukowski

I provide quality actor training at a price that an artist can afford. It has been through years and years of devoted and dedicated hard work that I know only too well the challenges and sacrifices that following your path demands. Like Bukowski said, "Find what you love and let it kill you." I believe that acting is a calling and it feeds off passion.

This Studio offers a program of structured classes; Meisner's Repetition and Actors Core and these are designed to fit together and compliment each other.

This Studio is not only a place for those who have a serious intention but also a need to grow and expand. This training seeks to explore what isn't known and to celebrate what is and exercise principles of the craft through a series of specific steps, each step laying the foundation for the next. This is process work allowing the artist to continually grow. Both classes are designed to support each other.

Speaking from our souls in the service of something greater than ourselves is what this creative art means to me.