Darcy Tuppen

Darcy Tuppen


Very few class intakes. Strictly limited capacity.

Two classes per week [Meisner + Actors Core]
per 6-week term   |   $550.00

One class per week [Meisner or Actors Core]

per 6-week term   |   $450.00


Part One

Meisner Repetition Technique

Sanford Meisner developed his incredible foundation exercise because he saw there were two major areas of struggle for the actor: they were self-conscious and they couldn't listen. The Repetition Exercise is specifically designed to address these issues. Great acting can only take place when we are truly present, riding the wave of unanticipated moment to unanticipated moment. This exercise forces you to ride that wave.

If you're seeking to experience the joy of being spontaneous, alive, connected to your partner and in turn yourself, then you will want to experience this technique.

*There is a trajectory to this work. All actors commence in Stage 1. Admission to Stage 2 and beyond is by invitation only.


Part Two

Actors Core

I don't know what is better than the work that is given to the actor—it teaches the human heart knowledge of itself. — Laurence Olivier

To develop a truthful acting instrument requires us to cultivate a very deep and authentic relationship to the self. Drama deals with a heightened reality and as actors we are asked to step into extraordinary places and as artists we must be available to do so.

The Actors Core work incorporates a  diverse range of exercises that ask you to open your heart and take ownership of all that exists inside yourself. This work invites us to be courageous and take risks, and includes Justin's celebrated cirlce work.

All that I have to offer as an artist is the revelation of my soul. — Eleanora Duse


Term Dates

 Term 5, 2019

Stage 1 Class | Places available

Meisner Class commencing Thursday 7th November, 2019              

Actors Core Class commencing Monday 11th November, 2019

Stage 2 Class | Invitation only

Entry to Justin Lehmann Studio is via Stage 1 Class only.

Stage 3 Class | Invitation only



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