Jennifer Monaco


Six Day Intensive Workshop

Beyond Repetition with Jennifer Monaco of the William Esper Studio, NYC

Invited guest teacher Jennifer Monaco, will offer 6 classes over 2 weeks that will evolve the early Meisner Repetition work:  deepening contact, expanding the artist’s temperament, nurturing spontaneous responses and advancing the technical elements of the Meisner Technique: dropping repetition and expanding the independent activity.  The course will be exclusively run at the Justin Lehmann Studio, Melbourne.

The 6 day intensive workshop will culminate in applying the technical elements to text.

Classes: August 5-15, 2019






COST- $850 per student

Pre-Requisite Reading:  The Actor’s Art and Craft by Damon DiMarco and William Esper

Pre-Requisite Training: Six Week William Esper Studio Summer Intensive, or Justin Lehmann Repetition Stage One to Stage Four.

Strictly limited capacity.


Weekend Intensive Workshop

Meisner Technique with Jennifer Monaco of the William Esper Studio, NYC.

Invited guest teacher Jennifer Monaco, will offer a Two-Day Intensive Meisner Workshop.

During the workshop, actors will work in groups with improvisational exercises to guide the actor to a fuller realisation of self and the building of a truthful acting instrument. Through the fundamentals of the Repetition Exercise, this class instills basic principles of good acting, stresses the actor’s connection to their spontaneous impulses and fosters a sensitised connection to their fellow actors.

Classes: August 10 & 11, 2019

Saturday & Sunday


COST- $485 per student

Strictly limited capacity.



William Esper was trained to teach the Meisner Technique by Sanford Meisner.  This is a specific distinction, as many people teach elements of Meisner’s work, yet were never trained as teachers, they only studied the work as actors.  William Esper extended Meisner’s work and chose to train a small number of Teaching Artists as teachers of this legacy of work - of which Jennifer Monaco is one of these rare few.

Jennifer Monaco is a Teaching Artist, Acting Coach, Actor and Collaborator with a unique foundation in the Meisner Technique/William Esper Studio and a passion for working with collaborative artists to fully realise their creative self.  Jennifer Monaco has had the privilege of being trained to teach the Meisner Technique by William Esper and was honoured to spend over 6 years learning from and assisting Bill in his classroom.  As a working actor, Jennifer understands the demands of the profession and delights in the opportunities to earn a living in this art form.

Jennifer trained as an actor with Barbara Marchant under the leadership of William Esper and trained classically in London at what is now called Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare’s Globe.  Jennifer combines this training with years of experience as a professional actor in the US and in the UK.

While living in New York City Jennifer worked as an actress primarily in film and television.   She relocated to London, England and there had the privilege of being invited to become a member of The Factory theatre company where she worked on numerous productions under director Tim Carroll and continued to work in television and film.

Her teaching career began in London, and she taught in various schools becoming a lead acting instructor at Ealing Studios, MET Film school. Committed to the education of actors and to Sanford Meisner’s legacy, Jennifer returned to New York City and trained with William Esper and Barbara Marchant to teach The Meisner Technique. 

Jennifer teaches both First and Second Year Acting at the William Esper Studio in New York City, classes in Esper Next including Collaborative Original Storytelling and Scene Study/Technique Study, and Second Year Acting at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University.  Jennifer coaches professional actors, speakers, singers, influencers and artists.  She also works alongside directors both in theatre and on camera to support the actor director relationship - collaborating with all artists to develop their work.