Justin Lehmann Studio features in,
"Best Short Acting Courses Around the World." 


“Studying at the Justin Lehmann Studio has given me a stronger understanding of the process of acting than I have ever received before. I am so grateful that I am finally beginning to find the simplicity and truth of the art. Justin’s commitment and generosity to every student truly makes him a master teacher in the making.” - James Raydan, 2018.

“Justin’s classes are an incredibly positive artistic experience. His teaching style cultivates a sense of support and camaraderie within the class, and also feels personal and insightful for the individual actor. Among other things, the focus on exploration as a tool to create meaningful characters and moments, has made it one of the most practical and relevant classes I’ve taken in terms of application to actual work and auditions.” -Charlotte Nicdao, 2018.

"For anyone in Melbourne interested in taking up an acting class, for either professional or self development purposes, I cannot recommend Justin Lehmann more. He has an attention to detail that will knock you on the floor and a ginormous heart that will pick you back up again." - Izzy Collis, 2018.

"Justin has had a tremendous impact on my progression as an actor. He has helped me understand the importance of my unique qualities and how to apply these simply to my work. Justin’s beautiful heart and passion has driven me beyond a point that I thought I could reach. If I hadn’t have found such a deep connection with Justin’s teachings, I would not be the person I am today." - Chloe Kaul, 2017.

"… Such a beautiful class … it’s uncanny how the universe can bring about a class that’s perfectly fitted for what has been going on inside of me and for what I needed to get in touch with. I am loving the simplicity of it all." - Luke Myers, 2017.

"Working with Justin is a truly amazing experience. His classes have challenged me and grown me as an actor and a human being more than I can measure. Justin is a kind an generous soul who imparts his passion and respect for the craft of acting as he teaches his students to truly discover their freedom as artists through world class technical training." - Charley Cox, 2017.

"Justin is a teacher for actors who aspire to greatness and are willing to work for it. Keenly perceptive, he approaches each student individually, pushing them to connect to their truth with warmth, tact and humour. I felt that he genuinely cared about my growth as an artist and a human." - Joseph Billings, 2017.

"Justin has one of the biggest hearts and has been an integral part in my development as an actor and more importantly, as a human being. You don't want to miss working with him." -  Louis Corbett, 2017.

"Justin’s dedication to his work manifests as an exquisite rendition of Sanford Meisner’s repetition technique, translated to his students as a digestible and evolving practice. As a student of Justin, you will be asked to confront the depth of your complexities and your truth. His compassion for the human condition, for his students, will foster in the actor a profound awakening which allows them to be fully present not only in their work but in all bearings of life." - Pip Grenda, 2017.

"Working with Justin has allowed me to tap into a part of my being that had lain dormant for far too long." Giuseppe Mauceri, 2017.

"I have worked with Justin for almost three years and I have learnt more about the craft in that time than I have over the course of my whole career. Justin is more than just a teacher. He is one of most generous human beings, offering more then just his time during class.  Justin tackles each class with compassion, understanding and professionalism. Truth is one of the most important parts of being an actor and Justin pushes his students to reach that level, therefore offering a unique and honest performance." - Christina Cavaleri, 2017.

"Justin is an exceptional teacher. My experience of the Meisner technique within his class was truly unique. I found myself becoming incredibly present in the work and yet not in control of it. Justin's classes allowed me to access each aspect of myself with ease and I felt my responses becoming more precise. If you want to improve your technique I highly recommend taking a Meisner class. It's like weightlifting for acting, each class builds on the last making for strong and consistent progress. Justin is a remarkable teacher with an incredibly vast body of knowledge which he lovingly shares. Taking Meisner class with him is an utter joy." - Ruby Swann, 2017.

"Working with Justin over the past few years has faced me with some of the most challenging and joyful experiences as an actor. Focusing on simplicity and honesty, Justin's method of teaching focuses on basic principles that are integral to bringing your whole self to a performance. His mentorship has been invaluable to my development as an actor. He is not only one of the great teachers, but a compassionate human being." - Georgie Jennings, 2017.

" ...Justin Lehmann's acting classes are thought provoking, empowering and essential for any actor keen on honing his or her own craft... The skills that I have developed, particularly active listening have served me not only on stage, but also in life..." - Timothy Smith, 2017.